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The April Connect Special Event

Jen Huang

Note, this event has closed. For more great events to improve your ATAR, register here to be the first in. 


We'll keep this one short. We've got a special event. It's free. There aren't many tickets. It'll be amazing.

Here's who's presenting.

Daniel Gates — VCE Study Strategy SuperLecture

ATAR 99.70. Possibly the funniest man alive. 


Renata Galiamov — VCE Chemistry SuperLecture

ATAR 99.95. Stunning presenter. She'll make you love Chemistry (and get a great score).


Yanik Ratilal — VCE Maths Methods SuperLecture

ATAR 99.45. Stunning presenter. He'll make you wonder why you didn't take Methods 3 and 4 in Year 10. 



Book now. Tickets will run out. 


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We have less than 100 tickets left, so book now!


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