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Seven ways to start boosting your ATAR over summer

Renata Galiamov

1. Flick through your subjects’ study designs.



You might think study designs are the cliché of VCE, but at the end of the day, they’re your ultimate guide to what’s going to be on the exam. It’s imperative that you take a read to get the gist of what you’ll be covering in the coming year, so you rock up to class aware and prepared, with an understanding of how each topic fits in the general scheme of things. As you go through the year, use the study design to get serious about what you choose to learn and not learn. Focus is important in VCE.

2. Examine past examiners’ reports.



Already?! Yes! Exam assessors’ reports are the best way of assessing the standard of detail you’ll be expected to know, as well as identifying areas that students have struggled with in the past. Compile a list of student weaknesses so you can make sure you’re extra tuned in when you are covering that topic in class.

3. Read your English novels in advance.



Now you’ve got oodles of time to leisurely read through your English or Literature novels and start contemplating their themes and compiling quotes. It’s much better to have read them all now than to be cramming those chapters before a SAC. And all you English Language students, just because you don’t study novels, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook! Start scouring newspapers and the internet for contemporary examples; you could even follow some politicians on Twitter and Facebook to observe how language is being employed in public spheres by people of authority.

4. Crack open your textbooks.



What better way to get ahead than to actually start learning the course in advance? Your holiday study could be as nonchalant as flicking through the pages and getting a feel for the topics, or as zealous as starting to make some chapter summaries. Either way, you’ll come to class familiar with the content, meaning classwork will be like revision already.

5. Suss out your learning style.



There’s nothing worse than being in VCE and wanting to study, but being unsure of how to go about it. Use the holidays to experiment between taking hand-written or electronic notes, consider making a poster for a particular chapter in your textbook, or even try recording your voice so you can listen to notes while on public transport. You’ll find that once you’ve identified the strategy that works best for you personally, you’ll be tackling your work with new-found confidence.

6. Print off formula sheets or data booklets.



You’ll have them in the exam, so why not have them with you for the whole year while you study? You don’t want to be in a position where you’re struggling to find something on a formula sheet or data booklet in the actual exam, so starting using them from day one. Similarly, if you know you have to write using pen in the exam, start doing all your work in pen and focus on legibility.

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