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The June Connect Special Event

Jen Huang

Note, this event has closed. For more great events to improve your ATAR, register here to be the first in. 

It's June, so it's critical to narrow your focus towards the GAT. Plus, we know that Maths Methods can be a challenging subject, so we've put together a SuperLecture to help you with two key topics. 

Join us for this very special event on June 9, 2018 – it's completely free, but we have only 120 seats, so book ASAP.

Here's who's presenting.

Daniel Gates — GAT Prep SuperLecture

ATAR 99.70. Possibly the funniest man alive. 


You wouldn’t go driving without your seatbelt, would you? The GAT is what stops your ATAR flying through the windshield if you’re unable to attend your exams, so it’s important in its own right. But it’s also used to calculate your study score for English and might come into account for your other scores too! (It’s not just a chance to shoehorn the GATch phrase into your essays.) Join Daniel Gates (ATAR 99.70), for an extremely entertaining and eye-opening lecture. This session will take you step-by-step through the GAT: both essay sections as well as the multiple choice section.

Tackling the essays. The GAT essays often confuse students. Just what the heck are they asking you to do? This session will walk you through ways to go about looking at both Essay types; the expository (Essay 1) and argumentative (Essay 2). You’ll learn what examiners are looking for in these sections and how to set yourself apart from the rest of the state.

Navigating multiple choice. The multiple choice section of the GAT makes up the majority of the recommended writing time. This session will explain to you which multiple choice questions relate most to your subjects and how to approach those curly questions which trip people up.


Renata Galiamov — VCE Maths Methods SuperLecture

ATAR 99.95. Stunning presenter. She'll make you love Maths Methods (and get a great score).


The trick to doing well in any subject is mastering the big concepts and topics before drilling down into the details and more obscure content. When it comes to VCE Maths Methods, the two topics that take up a decent chunk of the exams are Differentiation and Integration. That's why Renata Galiamov (ATAR 99.95) is going to give you the low-down on the key skills you need to know in these two areas, and how to approach related tricky exam questions.

Differentiation. Master maxima/minima problems — one of the most frequently asked questions on the exam. Understand the difference between instantaneous and average rate, and which formula to use for each one. Finally, learn the various approaches for finding tangents and normals, and where differentiation fits into the picture.

Integration. Hone your antidifferentiation and area-finding skills, and find out the most common pitfalls students find themselves in (so you can avoid them!). Apply integration to a range of problems, and learn strategies to discern when you need to use integration as opposed to differentiation. Lastly, tackle the much-feared technique of "integration by recognition", which involves differentiating to find an antiderivative (whacky, right?).

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